Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley is a New York based actor, writer and comedian. In addition to his work with The Roast Guys, Michael performs in comedy clubs throughout the Northeast. Michael just finished a successful run of NEMESIS, which he wrote and starred in at Theatre 54 in NYC. Other New York acting credits include Bloody Lies at the Midtown Inernational Theater Festival, Fat Suit (which he co-wrote with Jay Casale) at the Sage Theater, David and Goliath at Merkin Hall, Treaty 321! at the Lucille Lortell and Gangstapella at the 78th Street Theater Lab. National Tours: Grease starring Cindy Williams and Eddie Mekka, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and South Pacific. On television Michael has a recurring role as the arrogant but lovable Harley on the popular PBS show, Cyberchase and appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman as a member of the world famous (fictional)singing group Perfect Pitch. He studies acting with Robert McCaskill. Film work includes roles in Gypsy 83 starring Sara Rue, Mona, sexpotjesus and the forthcoming film Heterosexuals starring Natasha Lyonne.

What/who inspired you to do what you do?

I'm not really a big fan of having a real job..I've never had a real job. My brother is an accountant, I'd kill myself if I had to do that. I was always the fat kid no one picked in gym class.

You're lying!

No, I'm serious, it's just something I've always been good at.

How long has your career lasted?

I've actually been a working actor for eight years and I only started to do comedy for a year. Because of my experience as a writer and an actor I think it hasn't taken me as long to catch up whereas a regular comic would take years to get good.

Where have you traveled with your talents, what's your next destination? If you could choose your next destination?

I've been all over the country and Canada. I'm lucky. I'd love to book a gig in the Bahamas, that would be pretty sweet.

Where is your favorite spot to perform and why?

Um...probably at my family dinner table.

Who is your favorite obscure artist/comic/performer to work with? Famous?

I'm not at the point of my career where I've met too many famous people. The most famous person I've worked with is Shirley from Laverne and Shirley...I'd love to do a movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, or do comedy with Lois CK,,,he's an amazing comic.

What's it like being 'on the road'?

I've done out of town gigs with comics. I've done three national tours as an actor. My first professional tour was Greece..we did that all over.

What character were you?


Does being a comic heighten or hinder your chances of having a meaningful relationship?

(laughing) I wouldn't say...well, define meaningful. I've certainly had a lot of meaningful relationships that lasted one night through comedy. In all seriousness, I don't think it would effect if I was in a serious relationship. Whoever I'm with will probably become part of my act,,nothing is off the table. If she's okay with that then it's all good.

Ever had a heckler? If so, how did you handle it?

Ah, yeah. It happens a lot. You're the one with the mic in your hand, you've got to have the last word. I grew up Irish Catholic,,,there's nothing a heckler can say/do that could damage me more then what I got growing up at the dinner table.

Ever been on TV? Radio? Describe one or both.

I have a reoccurring role on PBS called Cyber Chase...it's a kid show. The first twenty minutes are animated, I play a real person and I'm the main characters' jerk cousin. Every episode teaches math and my character always gets what he's got coming to him because in addition to being a terrible human being he's also awful at math.

Are you consistent with your material or do you like to change it constantly, what are the ingredients?

Always changing it and always trying to find a better, more efficient, fewer words to say the same thing. I'm always messing around in my notebooks, always.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Oh, god, ah, I will rule the world...I don't know. If I'm still making a living in entertainment, I'll be happy. I don't need to be Tom Cruise but that would be nice.

Check Micheal out in person. He gigs everyweek @ Comedy clubs such as Charlie O's and Joe Franklin's in NYC!!

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  1. ADORABLE! Great interview. Fun to read. What is Michael up to now? Give us a follow up! Comedy or not, we all wanna know…!