Friday, January 8, 2010

Comic Angry Bob Rants and Raves

Performing nationwide, Angry Bob has a high-energy unique act that is downright hilarious and crowds all over love him! He regularly performs all over NYC in such illustrious clubs as the Comic Strip Live, the New York Comedy Club and the Broadway Comedy Club - he has recently appeared on CNN with anchor Rick Sanchez performing political satire and making humorous observations about some of the biggest news events of the day; Sanchez has been quoted saying ""THERE'S NO BIGGER NAME WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICAL SATIRE THAN ANGRY BOB!!"

What/who inspired you to do what you do?

Bad parenting? Being too smart in a dumb world? Anti-social personality disorder juxtaposed against a smattering of misanthropy and a solid streak of apathy? Or maybe just tight shoes….

How long has your career lasted?

Up until now?

Where have you traveled with your talents, what's your next destination? If you could choose your next destination?

Ferengenar….during the rainy season for oomax, of course!

Where is your favorite spot to perform and why?

That’s rather personal!! Oh, comedy….wherever there are people and money…

Who is your favorite obscure artist/comic/performer to work with? Famous?

Brother Theodore…unfortunately he’s no longer with us, but I’m working up to that as we all are….

What's it like being 'on the road'?

A cornucopia of mixed emotions and gas from too many Sheetz BLT clubs…

Does being a comic heighten or hinder your chances of having a meaningful relationship?

I really don’t think it’s that!

Ever had a heckler and if so, how did you handle it?

Took him out for beer afterwards and suggested a few encounter groups he could join to get in touch with his true feelings…

Ever been on TV? Radio? Describe one or both.

Yes..yes…great, especially the free water and bagels!!

Are you consistent with your material or do you like to change it constantly, what are the ingredients?

Disdain for the human race? Yes, I vacillate between knock knock jokes and wishing aids and leprosy on the audience…

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

An al kaida training camp outside of Detroit (selling death insurance, just in case some of the virgins are uggos!)