Monday, May 31, 2010

Luke Francis

Never underestimated and always over exaggerated, Luke Francis has a style of his own! From the minute he arrives on stage until the minute he is thrown off and banned from the club.. it is a NON-STOP laugh riot! But what else would you expect from a guy with such a manly last name? From one-liners to nearly accurate interpretations of life stories, he leaves no stone unturned! Good Times Magazine NY calls Luke Francis- "Funny as hell" and that is a quote Luke lives up to time and time again, at some of the biggest comedy venues in America ! With his one-step-ahead-of-you wit and natural improv abilities no one show is alike guaranteed!

Who/what inspired you to do what you do?

I’ve always been the guy cracking jokes, it just took a while for me to be able to put down the bong and get on stage. Some of my favorite comics are Adam Hunter, Marty Laquidara, Jim Gaffigan, Tim Allen, Rodney Dangerfield, and anyone who has the courage to get on stage in front of a crowd of people you don’t know and attempt to make them cry from laughter.

How long has your career lasted?

I have been touring professionally for 1 year, I’ve been doing comedy for 3 which I hear is unheard of in the industry. Kind of like me.

Where have you traveled with your talents, what's your next destination? If you could choose your next destination?

I’ve traveled all over the world. I even think I’ve been to the moon once- but the booker tells me it was a small town in Kansas. My next destination is a mid-west tour in the U.S. (I’m not bragging). But if I could choose a destination it would be Japan- I always picture the crowd naked to give me more confidence and I love Asian girls, the only problem would be performing with a boner.

Where is your favorite spot to perform and why?

My favorite spot to perform is on stage because in the welfare line NO-ONE laughs.

Who is your favorite obscure artist/comic/performer to work with? Famous?

Favorite obscure artist would have to be Marty Laquidara though he has been on Spike TV he is relatively unknown (outside of L.A.) he makes me laugh like an evil villain after revealing his plot to take over the world. My Favorite famous comedian is Jim Gaffigan, the guy is hilarious and so subtle I own all of his DVD’s I just hope one day he owns all of mine.

Tell me some perks of being a comic. What are some peeves?

The perks of being a comic is the free alcohol some venues offer us when we perform not to mention the ladies throw themselves at us (after we share the free alcohol with them).. I hate it when people ask me to tell jokes- “Oh you’re a comedian? Then Make me laugh”- I reply –“Ok then Give me my fucking cheeseburger you Burger King whore”

What's it like being 'on the road'?

The road is not for everyone, it gets crazy sometimes- My new DVD “Road Kill” is to be released in Jan. of 2011 I suggest everyone go and get it. In this documentary we try and show the “realistic road”, from being on stage that night and walking off a rock star to arguing with a gas station attendant the next morning over how much you pre paid. Driving from Boston, Mass to Halifax, Nova Scotia and having to hide in the trunk to make it across the border because my passport didn’t arrive on time. Again the road is not for everyone but some of us cannot get enough punishment.

Does being a comic heighten or hinder your chances of having a meaningful relationship?

I know some comics that couldn’t hook a relationship together if they were in a relationship with their Siamese twin…and others who are in a new relationship every night. The road doesn’t help the relationship thing either (even if she goes with you) but all relationships go through hard times it’s just for comics those hard times are 3 weeks out of a month. You have to learn to balance EVERYTHING in your life and if you don’t and things fall apart- its just new material!

Ever had a heckler? If so, how did you handle it?

Let me reference my video on YouTube “Scottish The Comic vs. the Heckler” that should tell the story.

Ever been on TV? Radio? Describe one or both.

Yes. I do radio spots to promote shows almost once a week. And Yes I do TV spots as well. The TV spots are usually something I’ve recorded before whether it is a sound bite or a video clip but there are no appearances that you have to make so they are super lax. Radio is different sometimes you have to be in the studio early to record with the morning show and most comics aren’t alive before 1:00pm- so you are not always on top of you game.

Are you consistent with your material or do you like to change it constantly, what are the ingredients?

Life will deliver new material every day- it's your job to write it down, I always walk around with a notepad so that not only do I look cool for the ladies but I can record those jokes.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I see myself doing YOUR job. Just kidding, that is the typical response. I hope to still be touring...a lucrative career in film and comedy. Writing for a television show or having my own. It doesn’t matter I am waiting to see what the universe throws in my lap next. (Hopefully it’s not a porcupine)

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