Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Questions and Answers with Myka Fox

Myka has been performing on stage as an actor and comedian since childhood, most notably in Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Myka served as the head writer for the sketch comedy show The Dan Show on Fox 5 in Las Vegas, written comedy punch-up for numerous short and feature films, and her work has appeared on TresspassMag, CollegeHumor, and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City.
What/who inspired you to do what you do?

I saw a lot of stand up comedy on TV when I was a kid and people told me I was funny so I thought of it as not work...

How long has your career lasted?
I've been doing stand-up for three years but I've been writing funny things since elementary school. I host comical radio and I am a free-lance writer.

Where have you traveled with your talents, what's your next destination? If you could choose your next destination?
I mostly preformed in LA and NY and all surrounding areas and wherever people can take me with car and my next destination would be Boston. I would love to preform in the UK or Australia.

Where is your favorite spot to perform and why?
Um...it's usually at a party with my friends, that's when the most authentic things happen for me and I don't have to worry about getting stiffed by the manager. I haven't been stiffed but I worry about it...

Who is your favorite obscure artist/comic/performer to work with? Famous?
My favorite obscure is Mike Dobbins, I haven't preformed with him but have been at the same places...I've preformed with Dave Chapel.

What's it like being 'on the road'?
It's like renegade, you know? A lot of caffeine...and surprises...it's cold, red wine out of a box.

Does being a comic heighten or hinder your chances of having a meaningful relationship?
The most meaningful relationship I've ever had is now with a comic...if I had never gotten into comedy, I would have gotten into a more meaningful relationship maybe. The point is, comedy hasn't' gotten in the way of my relationship.

Ever had a heckler and if so, how did you handle it?
Um...well, the very first time I had a heckler I was brand new and crumbled immediately and later I invited hecklers....I sort of humiliate people now and make them heckle me.

Ever been on TV? Radio? Describe one or both.
I've only been on public access TV and my radio show, Comical Radio and other radio shows as well and when I was five I was on the news....

Are you consistent with your material or do you like to change it constantly, what are the ingredients?
I change a lot I would say. I would say 50 percent stays and 50 changes, whatever becomes my favorite stays.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Gosh, I don't know, win the lotto I suppose...writing for a TV show, hopefully my own...just working creatively...I don't like to think about the future where I don't win the lottery.

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